Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Webtoonize ?

Webtoonize is a Godot Project than can be used as a template to your own. It provides some simple elements than can help produce an interactive cartoon without programming knowledge.

How much do Webtoonize cost ?

Webtoonize is free of charge. Just download and use it.

How can it be free ?

Webtoonize author have build it for their own purpose and needs. Now they have used it, they just make it free and maintain it. If you wish, you can help them take time for it by giving to their patreon.

Is it Free software as libre ?

Webtoonize is a free software made by members. The license is GPL for the template itself, and CC BY SA for the artistic content provided as sample.

And if i sell the webtoon i made with Webtoonize ?

It doesn’t change anything, it is still free of charge and GPLed. But sponsoring by credits are welcome.